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Grinding Tolerance

Grinding Tolerance

1、Appearance tolerance +/-0.001mm
2、For groove: the min width 0.01mm and depth 5.0mm
3、Thin tooth: depth 0.18mm, height 8.0mm, width 5.0mm
4、Parallel: 0.002 max, if cavity parts or insert parts, 0.001 max
EDM Tolerance

EDM Tolerance

Manufacturing tolerance: +/-0.003mm
2、Radian and chamfer: 0.02mm
3、Roughness would depend on drawings--max Ra 0.04
4、Planeness within 0.002mm
Wire Cut Tolerance

Wire Cut Tolerance

1、Size tolerance: +/-0.002mm

2、The min radian: 0.05mm

3、The max height: 160mm

CNC Tolerance

CNC Tolerance

Manufacturing tolerance: 0.005mm - 0.01mm


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