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DONGGUAN SAICHI PRECISION MOULD CO., LTD. was established at 2010, and is located in Chang'an town, Dongguan, where is rather famous because of mold manufacturing around the whole China.

The primary business: according the drawings from customer, manufacture the precision plastic mold cavities and parts.

Product type: IT connector, automotive connector, mini-switch, mini-motor, relay, digital components, automotive components, die. The end-user: TE JAE JST IRISO OMRON EPSON HONDA TAKAHATA TOKAIRIKA. In the present, 70% of SAICHI products are directly exported to Japanese company, 25% to Europe.

The immediate response ability is the biggest preponderance in saichi. There are marketing department, engineer section, product control, and QC division in saichi. They have good communication and good team-work. By this, saichi could provide all the customers solution proposal, and let them know the manufacturing progress of their parts rapidly. And their product plan could be well promised in saichi.

We have many well-known machine even all over the world in saichi: SODICK EDM, High-speed CNC, NIKON high-gauge, NIKON 2.5D, NIKON projector. SAICHI also set-up HongKong company, SAICHI INT'L CO., LTD, in order to meet the request of oversea customer.

Saichi would like to promise you: on-time ETA always, decreasing cost, outstanding quality, solution project. And we would like to protect the secret of cutomer, go together with client all the time. We are looking forward to receiving your support!


Dongguan Saichi Precision Mould Co., Ltd

Hong Kong Address:
Room 01,21F, Prosper Commercial Building, 9 Yinchong Street, Kowloon, H.K.

Factory Address:
No.25, Chuangxing Road, Shangsha Zone, Chang’an Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province (523867)

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