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Q:Can you give us samples with no charge?


This will depend on different situation:

If the cost of the sample itself is not so high, we would like to promise you free sample.

If the cost is rather high, we would like to ask you give us basic fee.

Q:For payment period, may I have your opinion?


We are so appreciated that you could give us 30 days payment.

Q:If we find NG parts, what is your solution?


If our parts happened NG, we will confirm at first and find the reason and the way to avoid that problem, so, all of the loss and delivery charge, we will take the responsibility.

Q:Language skills?


Chinese, English, Japanese. Fluently oral language.

Q:Our advantage?


1, The customer’s accessory is inspection exemption to make him in easy.

2, The language and technical communicate without chock.

3, High quality products with competitive pricing and lower management cost.

4, Harmonious common development and high quality service capacity.


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